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1About The Cape May Olive Oil Company

The Cape May Olive Oil Company welcomes you to our happy place! We are Carl and Susan Spatocco, and 10 years after opening this store, we still get excited about the product mix in this location!

We love traveling and visiting with producers and importers to find new and exciting offerings.  There are so many wonderful flavors to play with in our store, the possibilities for your home kitchen are endless.

When we do the product procurement, the most important criteria we use is “does it have a WOW factor?”.  If it doesn’t, we won’t stock it.  We also “trust but verify” when it comes to our olive oil.  We periodically send samples to a lab to check for purity and acidity ensuring that it is extra virgin, cold-press, first-press oil. 

We source oils from Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco and California.  We are particularly proud of our “House Blend”, lovingly referred to as our Cape May Blend, a mix of high-quality oils from Greece, Italy and Spain. The Greek oil gives body and a higher smoke point, so it holds up when you cook with it. The Italian EVOO gives a buttery mouthfeel and smoothness.  The Spanish adds the high polyphenols or antioxidants that give it that slight, back of the throat sting.  Our Cape May Blend is available in a larger 500 ml bottle because it is so versatile; you’ll want to use it on vegetables, in salads, for cooking or just to dip your bread.  

We welcome you to visit us in Cape May, talk with our knowledgeable associates and taste our products. And, if you aren’t able to visit us in person our online store is always open for you to browse.

Wherever our travels may take us, we’re constantly on the hunt for the next best product or olive oil, so be sure to stop back often. Our curiosity to travel is only surpassed by our desire to bring you the finest products!


Cape May Olive Oil Company
Spice Cellar of Cape May
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